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2.gifFreeFreeza: A purely evil space conqueror who killed King Vegeta and took over Planet Vegeta. He used the Saiyan inhabitants as mercenaries to take over other planets, but betrayed and destroyed Planet Vegeta when he feared the power of the Saiyans.  Later, he lands on Planet Namek to seek the dragon balls to wish for immortality, but was defeated by Goku. His body parts were found in space by his father and he was rebuilt into robotic form. This form was then killed by Future Trunks.  Frieza then allies with Cell to terrorize Hell, but was defeated by Paiku-han and Goku. He attempted this once again in Dragonball GT, but was once again defeated by Goku.

Brolli: The Legendary Super Saiyan born with a power level of 10,000. Brolli has a serious childhood vendetta against the other saiyans because they tried to have Brolli and his father killed because they were afraid of what Brolli would become. Brolli makes his appearance three times in Dragon Z. Once on the rebuilt Planet Vegeta, the second time on Earth, and the Third time he is reborn as a Bio Warrior. Me personally I think that they should have left it alone with the second one.

Vegeta: Prince of all the Sayains. Vegeta made his first appearance in Dragon Ball Z, possessed with the thought that he could convince Goku to join forces with him, and take over the universe. Vegeta is the mortal enemy of Goku but later on in the series he joins forces with Goku and the rest of the Z fighters to help save the Universe. No matter how much his pride gets in the way Vegeta always puts it aside to help Goku so that one day he may prove that he is the strongest fighter alive.

Gohan: First son of Goku and Chi Chi, Gohan  is half human half sayain. Gohan's power is very dangerous when he taps into his full ability. Gohan was the first Sayain to go level two, cell games, and was successful in the defeat of cell. When Gohan grows up he gets married to Videl, the Daughter of Mr. Satan, and they have a child of there own, Pan. Because Gohan doesn't want the world to know that he is a Golden Fighter he disguises himself as the Great Sayain Man.

Goku has been the main character through out  all of Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z and GT. He was born from a lower class saiyan name Bardock, but through his kid heart determination to never give up and protect those that he loves, Goku has become the mightiest warrior in the universe. Even though he has the power he always uses it for good. Goku was the first to become super saiyan, and even ascended above that and went all the way to level 4. Goku always loved a challenge and would never put down a chance to battle his rival and friend Vegeta to see who was the strongest of all saiyans.

Buu : Buu was created by Bibidi for destruction. He defeated most of the Kais but was then cursed into his fat form. Years later, he was unleased again by Babidi and sent to destroy the Earth.Buu went through various form changes (after absorbing good Buu, SSJ3 Gotenks, Mystic Gohan, Piccolo, and Vegitto) and even split into two beings. The fat one joined the good guys, and the evil, original form Buu was killed by Goku and reincarnated into Ubuu.

Piccolo: Piccolo is one of the characters who was originally "evil", but through series of unexpected events, the "evil" in him was slowly washed away as Piccolo took different forms.Piccolo is the offspring of Daimon, who was the pure "evil" which separated from Kami-sama as another body. Piccolo and Kami-sama are one person in two bodies. If one of them dies, both will die.Daimon was killed by Goku, but with his dying breath he vowed that his offspring Piccolo would avenge him. Therefore Piccolo is not pure "evil" as Daimon was, but rather he is intensely focused on eliminating Goku. Their first meeting was in the Budokai.With the arrival of Raditz, Piccolo was to become the unwilling partner of Goku. Together they defeated the evil Saiyan, but he learned from the warrior that two even more powerful Saiyajin would avenge him. With this knowledge he found himself even more unwillingly on Goku's side when he volunteered to train his son, Gohan, to become a great fighter to combat the eminent Saiyan menaces.Piccolo's strict training turned Gohan into a stronger person and he gradually released Gohan's tremendous power and talent. Strangely enough, while training Gohan, Piccolo began to develop feelings of love and care towards the child, and this selfless care was ultimately demonstrated when he sacrificed himself to save Gohan in his battle against Nappa. These feelings become even more apparent throughout the Frieza and Cell sagas.

Shenron:Shenron is the dragon that is summoned when one has all 7 of Earth's dragon balls. Shenron grants the summoner one wish with the limitation that any wish made cannot exceed his power. Additionally, Shenron can't revive a person more than once.

Porunga : Porunga is Planet Namek's equivalent of Shenron. But since Porunga is the original, he has the ability to grant 3 wishes instead of just 1. Porunga has the disadvantage though of only being able to revive one dead at a time (though it doesn't matter how many times that person has died).

Super 17 : Super 17 is the fusion result of Android 17 and Artificial 17. He killed Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu in rebellion but was dispatched by Goku later on.

Bebi : Bebi was created by the Tsufuru-jins when the Saiyans took over Planet Plant. He attempted to take revenge and slowly turned most of Earth's inhabitants into his zombies (although all his zombies returned to normal after Dende and Mr. Popo sprayed them with a special water). He also recreated his planet with the dragon balls and took over Vegeta's body to become  Bebi-Vegeta. He was eventually killed by Goku.

Chibi Trunks: Chibi Trunks (little Trunks) was born in the universe we know, and had no trouble going Super Saiyan. He was a little troublemaker, and his partner in crime was Goten, who is only a year younger than Trunks. He is a bit spoiled but still a sweet kid. His father is Vegeta and his mother is Bulma, and he later has a younger sister named Bra.


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